Why Choose Us

We cater to global clients- a key testament to our capability. Global specifications are some of the most stringent with hardly any margin for error. As India has yet to gain maturity in the interior décor ecosystem, the parameters for standards are not defined and enforced by clients due to lack of awareness. This is why you must choose an internationally acclaimed designer like Hostes.

To date, we boast a record 900 completed projects and counting.

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    We are the only company to provide consultative service in a way that factors in all your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

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    We add value to the designs of architects and other professionals to enhance their creations. We don’t seek to supersede their expertise but rather fine-tune and make it vibrant and live. To that end, we are the only company to offer this unique service.

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    Range of

    You need only name it to get it. You will be spoilt for choice when you are looking for a design solution.

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    We boast more than 15 years’ expertise in the interior design realm. And, our capability in glass door shutters spans more than a dozen years. Very soon we will be adding ceramic shutters to our portfolio of products to ensure comprehensive service.

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    No matter how complex and varied your requirements, we offer a total solution. Our turnkey expertise spans more than a decade having serviced such reputable clients as RBI. We guarantee full transparency in all our turnkey engagements.

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    Make the most of our expertise in bespoke solutions. We tailor our solutions to cater to a wide range of discrete requirements.