Other modular solutions

If you want micro-level customized solutions, we can amply support you. The following are what we can best help you with.

Entertainment Units and Spaces

When you can relax in your entertainment area, barely noticing the functional props that house all your audio – visual devices and systems for home entertainment, you know that you have installed a Hostes signature unit in your living space. Compact, convenient and blending with your carefully designed spaces, our units are serve their purpose and are elegant in appearance.

Pooja rooms / shoe racks

These are two areas that require careful distinction. We know all too well how to approach the design of these two entirely unique requirements.

Layouts – what you see is what you get

We leave myths and mystery out of our planning by simplifying working diagrams for client review and understanding. We manage both simple and complex layouts. Our team of layout experts can produce the most suitable 2-D aerial-view layouts that are not only all-encompassing but also guarantee every detail is present.

Consultation for experts

We empower experts such as architects and designers by providing advisory services. Our panel of experts and associates offers advisory services in a collaborative manner, bringing the best together.

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